The DUR-A-LITE Machine and Work Area Lights are available in a variety of lengths, diameters, and types and can be purchased with or without a variety of mounting options.

The easiest way to choose a light that best fits your application is to click here to go to the interactive light chooser page. You can specify certain requirements and you will be shown the models that fit those requirements.

Slim-Line LED Machine Lights – Featuring a compact 2″ diameter, polycarbonate Tough-ShieldTM Outer Tube in lengths from 6″ to 41″. These lights are perfect for when you need to fit your lights into a tight space. The virtually unbreakable outer tube protects the internal electronic components from coolants and lubricants.

Heavy Duty LED Machine Lights – When durability is your priority, these lights feature a 3″ diameter Xtreme-ShieldTM Outer Tube and are available in lengths from 15″ to 50″. The aluminum backbone offers improved protection against vibration and the Xtreme-ShieldTM Outer Tube has all the qualities of the Tough-ShieldTM outer tubes with the added benefit of a coating to offer additional protection from discoloration due to contact with certain lubricants and coolants.

If you are here looking to replace one of our fluorescent DUR-A-LITE’s, those are no longer available. With the improvement in technology, the cost of the LED lights have come down to about the same as the fluorescent equivalent and in some cases even less. Click here to find the LED dimensional equivalent to our legacy fluorescent lights.