Get Your Operators Out of the Dark

Thank you for visiting the Inmark Enterprises DUR-A-LITE store. The DUR-A-LITE Machine and Work Area Lights are available in a variety of lengths, diameters, and types and can be purchased with or without a variety of mounting options. Also available are industrial grade cord reels to fit any demanding application.

Slim-Line LED DUR-A-LITE – The Slim-Line LED DUR-A-LITE’s are protected by the 2″ diameter Tough-Shield outer tube with rubber end caps and locking vapor clamps on each end. They are available with cord and plug or without the plug when hard-wiring to a machine. There is an on/off push-button switch at the end of the light head.

Heavy-Duty LED DUR-A-LITE – The Heavy-Duty LED DUR-A-LITE’s are protected by the 3″ diameter Xtreme-Shield outer tube. They feature¬†O-ring sealed end caps¬†and an aluminum backbone and heatsink that adds rigidity.

Industrial Grade Power Supply Reels – Also available are industrial grade power supply reels with cord lengths from 30 ft. to 70 ft. The 15 Amp reel with 12/3 SJTOW-A Cord provides the power you need for the most demanding jobs. Tired of your power tool coming unplugged? Our patented SAF-T-LOK outlet is the answer. The plug is locked in place until you pull back the collar to release.

Fluorescent to LED Chart – As LED technology has advanced, the cost of LED lighting has decreased to the point that you can now purchase LED lights for the same or lower cost as the fluorescent equivalent. With that in mind, we have now replaced all of our fluorescent models with an LED equivalent. Call us at 888-546-6275 for more information.

Cordless Lights – If you are looking for a cordless LED light, we have a selection of cordless lights with unique features such as charging ports for your phone or other devices.